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Dear Rousehouse6:

The only help I can give you is the lowest prices I can find for you.  If it is just one root canal and porcelain crown I can get you that for $1,475.00 no hidden costs for x-ray or new patient file.  All you would pay is the $1,475.00

If you needed 2 root canals and crowns it would be $1,845.00 and 3 would be $2,215.00. Plus any other cavities could be filled for $30.00 to $50.00 each tooth.  The more you get done the bigger savings you really get.  There is no such thing as free, wish there was.  This is the best I can come up with for you and the price includes us flying you down to Texas for the work and putting you in a hotel for four nights.  If I had a dentist closer to you it would save you some money, but I don't. 

I don't know if you know it but an abcess can really make you sick and the infection can go to your heart and kill you.  Do not wait around for that to happen.  If I were you I would go to the nearest hospital and get an anti-biotic.  If they only give you a prescription you can get the anti-biotic free at Publix Supermarkets.  Then sell what ever you have to and get the money together to help yourself.  And once you get your teeth fixed you will be able to get on with your life.  You'd be surprised how much you can do when you are not in pain!

I truly am sorry you have to suffer like this.  Noone should that is why I started my company WWW.SMILEFORLESS.COM to help people.  I know the pain you are in I suffered for 7 years with root canal problems and I am lucky I didn't die.  It sounds like you may need more than one root canal.  And the pain you talk about in your sinus will go away when you get your teeth taken care of.  I had the same pain.  I actually had no place left for an abcess to go and it formed on the side of my nose.  Seriously I'm passionet about what I do because I was you.  If I were a dentist I would help people for free as long as I could still pay my bills. 

I don't make a ton of money doing this just enough to get by.  If you work our referral program you could maybe make the money to get your teeth done.  One company and you get all the employees that use us and they do because their insurance pays half.  So for the Root canal I told you would cost $1,475.00 they would get reimbursed half. 

Next trip I can fit you into is October 16 unless I have a cancellation on the 2nd. So please try and get the money together so I can help you.  I'm worried about you.  Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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Have you gotten any help?  I am in so much pain & I am not just hopeless but in much pain.  Maybe you know of or have found some help that you can pass on info to me.  If anybody knows anything about Prop Bono Dentist.  I recently moved to ATL.  I have worked all my life with insurance but the copays were so high I still couldn't afford the treatments. Now my teeth are horrible. I need help asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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