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Aching mouth

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Aching mouth   in reply to Addisons_mommy   on

Very much in need of pro bono dental work.....

Hi! I live in Ohio, I am not a dentist, but I wanted to know if you found help. I have had an abcessed tooth for over a year now, and with no money, insurance and low income it is a nightmare. I feel for you. It sounds cheesy, but I am glad to be reminded it is nation wide and not just here. (born coastal)

 I am still looking, fighting and praying. and the more research i do, the more I pray for you and others like ourselves. I wish you luck, and congratulations on the baby. I hope she grows in a world where the human right to be healthy is respected and not something available to only those most fortunate.


Take care and blessings.

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Aching mouth  


I have spent over a year seeking dental attention in the dayton, Ohio area for an absessed tooth. I got xrays yesterday at the ER, and have been told it has spread to close to the sinuses and into the cheek. I have to get it pulled. I have only heard nothing but bad for these kind of things. I am a hard working older non-traditional student, but very low income. I can't do payment plans. My income this year so far is under $2,000 and I am looking at needing oral surgery/root canal.

 I have done a lot of research for help, but most places want you to have at least $200 on hand for the first appointment, then they slide scale at a capped minimum limit from what I can tell, in other words 0-$5k you pay the same.

 Its the 13 molar on the top left and is spreading back to 14? and 15?


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